PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity


  • Dual element sensor with 30 feet by 50 feet range
  • Tamper protected
  • Fully supervised


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Product Overview


The 2GIG-PIR1-345 Passive Infrared Motion Detector is a wireless motion sensor that detects pet immunity. This smart motion sensor is a wall-mounted unit with wide-angle motion protection. It communicates with the control panel using the 345 MHz frequency. When set to High (HI) Sensitivity Mode, the PIR has a maximum range of 30 ft deep x 50 ft wide (9.1 m x 15.2 m).

The PIR’s pet-immune feature can be set to tolerate animals up to 55 lbs, but it can also be set at 33 lbs. Pet immunity requires the surrounding area’s temperature to be between 50F and 90F degrees.


  • 1—Passive Infrared Motion Detector
  • 1—Plastic Mounting Bracket
  • 1—Plastic Wall Mount
  • 1—Plastic Corner Mount
  • 2—Plastic Wall Anchors With Screws
  • 1—Short Phillips Head Screw with Fender
  • 1—Short Phillips Head Screw
  • 1—Lithium Coin Battery

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PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity
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